RML 2414 was built by AEC Park Royal in 1966 and entered passenger service with London Transport (country area) at Hemel Hempstead (HH) garage and operated on route 347 and 347a

The bus was transferred to various London Country garages during its history.

3/1975   WR into store
5/1975   LH change store (Leatherhead), then to repaint
5/1975   WR from repaint
WR in store
3/1976   WR and out again
1/1977   WR
9/1977   WR used on 441B
11/1978   bought by London Transport
3/1979   FW trainer, green

    Into Aldenham for overhaul, retained her B2414, and painted red.

9/1988   S used on route 12 (Shepherds Bush)
Fitted with a new Cummins C series engine replacing the AEC AV.590 to clean up               the emissions
   1992   refurbished with new “Crushed Strawberry” seat moquette

11/1994  S privatised, London United, for route 9, and route 94
12/1997  S London United
     1999   S

3/2002   S covered gold vinyl for Queen's Jubilee: operated on routes 9 & 94.
               RML2414 was 1 of 15 Routemasters to be painted Gold for
               Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee.

8/2003   Resprayed back to red at Fulwell Garage Centenary Open Day
1/2004   S withdrawn
1/2004   V into store (Turnham Green)
1/2004   sold to M.Nash (Weybridge)

4/2004   Bought by RML 2414 Preservation Group, Surrey
11/2011   Bought by Traditional Travel Ltd and ready for private hire

RML 2414 operating route 441 in 1974

 4/1969   HH to Aldenham repaint, and return
 1/1970   HH transfer to London Country
10/1972   HG transfer into store (Hertford)
12/1972   HG to repaint
12/1972   HH from  repaint
     1973   HH
  2/1974   HE transfer (High Wycombe)
  1/1974   WR transfer (Windsor)

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