RML 2483 was built by AEC Park Royal in May 1966 and entered passenger service with London Transport at Putney (AF) garage and operated on route 37.

The bus was transferred to various London Transport garages during its history.

                 5/66   AF new into service for 37 (Putney)
                 67-8   AF
                 5/69   AF to Aldenham repaint, and return
                 4/70   AF into store
                 5/70   HD change store (Harrow Weald)
                 6/70   SF transfer for 243 (Stamford Hill)
               12/71   AR transfer
               1972    AR
                3/73    AR to Aldenham overhaul
                3/73    AC from o/h (Willesden)
              12/74    AC into store
                1/75    AC and out
              10/76    AC to Aldenham repaints, and returns from last body swap with B2402

        On Route 11 near Sloane Square                 On Route 6 along Strand late 1980’s                           in early 1980`s

               1991    Fitted with a new Cummins C series engine replacing the
                            AEC AV.590 to make the emissions cleaner
              1992    refurbished
                9/94   CT privatised, Leaside Buses (Cowie)
              12/97   CT Leaside Buses
               1998   CT Arriva London North
               1999   CT Route 38

On Route 38 travelling down Shaftsbury Avenue

A limited EFE Model edition of RML2483 was produced

              10/05   CT withdrawn from 38
              12/05   Sold to Ensign Bus (Purfleet)
                4/06   Bought by Too-Good Property Ltd, Salisbury, Wilts
              12/09   Bought by Shaftesbury & District
          08/2011   Bought by Traditional Travel Ltd. Re-sprayed and re-upholstered in                            the original 1960’s burgundy seat moquette, cream ceiling and                            saloon bulbs.  
                           RML2483 is now ready for private hire.

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