706 Bus Route

History of the 706 Commuter Route

Until recently this the was the only regular
Routemaster bus on route outside central London.

The 706 route ran between Knockholt Station,
Halstead and Knockholt Pound.


From the mid 1940s up to April 1979 it was the number 704 Tunbridge Wells to Windsor .  

To make the 704 more reliable in April 1979 the route was split into two. The 704 became Victoria to Windsor. The Victoria to Tunbridge wells became the 706.   

in 1981 the 402 was withdrawn and the 706 became more of a local service providing regular journies Bromley north to Tunbridge Wells with some route 706 serving Victoria.

On 30th  may 1987 the 706 finished and the Kentish Bus route 22 took over between Bromley North and Tunbridge Wells.  The 22 was replaced by number 402 on 29th April 1990

However from 30 April 1989, 2 return commuter journeys ran Victoria-  Tunbridge Wells daily by Kentish Bus with "Green Line" coaches as route 706.  But the route was pulled off 28th April 1990 when 402 came back.

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