April 25th 2002 re-imported and purchased by Mr P.Gurney.

The bus has been restored back to its former glory of London Transport red with original seat moquette of red with yellow stripes, burgundy interior and cream ceiling.

RM 1087 still retains the AEC AV.590 engine.

RM 1087 was built by AEC Park Royal on May 1st 1962 and entered passenger service with London Transport at Fulwell (FW) garage. The bus operated on routes 267, 281, 285.

April 1966 transferred to Mortlake (M) garage on loan then back to FW in May.

December 1966 entered Aldenham works for overhaul, then allocated to Highgate garage.

December 1973 entered Aldenham works for overhaul, then allocated to Walworth garage.

February 1974 RM 1087 was transferred to New Cross (NX) garage and operated on routes 1, 1a, 36, 53, 141, 171, N89

December 1978 the bus entered Aldenham works float for overhaul.

March 1979 emerged from Aldenham and allocated to Stockwell (SW) garage on route 2B.

August 1983 entered Aldenham for overhaul, then allocated to Thornton Heath (TH) garage on route 109.

January 1985 RM 1087 was transferred to Merton (AL) garage on route 49.

January 1987 this was where RM 1087 was to be withdrawn from London Transport to make way for radical changes. The bus was sent to Chiswick to be delicenced, then to be stored at AEC Southall works.

5th June 1987 Stagecoach Magic Bus in Glasgow purchased the bus and painted her white with blue, red and orange stripes.

15th December 1989 RM1087 was sold to Brakell in Cheam. This was where RM1087 was painted back to red and to be converted into open top.

October 12th 1998 exported to British Bus of Florida in Miami, USA (Transtour Enterprises Inc).

RM 1087 has been beautifully resprayed red and is ready for private hire.

In March to June 2011 she went back into public service to operate on the Route 706 which ran from Knockholt Pound to Knockholt Station.

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