RML 2380 was built by AEC Park Royal in December 1965.  

On 2nd February 1966 RML2380 entered passenger service with London Transport at West Ham (WH) garage.  The bus operated on routes 5, 5A, 249, 249A.

In April 1971 transferred to Upton Park (U) garage. Used on route 15 and 101.

November 1972 entered Aldenham works for overhaul, then allocated to Putney (AF) garage and operated routes 14 and 22.

In December 1975 repainted at Aldenham works and returned to Putney garage.

In 1992 RML2380 went through a refurbishment programme by Leaside. She was refurbished in house at Enfield repair centre and painted at Eastleigh, Portsmouth. The interior bulb lighting was to be removed and strobe lights were installed.  The burgundy interior was painted white, handrails covered orange and the seat moquette replaced by crushed strawberry.

October 1986 entered Tottenham (AR) garage operating on route 73.

1990 RML2380 received a new engine. A Cummins C series engine replaced the AEC AV.590 to make the emissions cleaner.

By September 1994 Tottenham garage (Leaside buses) was privatised and absorbed by Cowie South Buses.  RML2380 operated on route 73.

In 1998 Arriva bought Leaside buses and painted RML2380 in their livery and continued to operate on route 73.

September 2004 Route 73 was to be operated by Bendy Buses so RML2380 was to be withdrawn from service and sold.

December 2004 RML2380 was bought by Mr G.Evans for preservation.

September 2009 Purchased by Traditional Travel Ltd.

The bus has been restored back to its former glory of London Transport red with original seat moquette of red with yellow stripes, burgundy interior and cream ceiling.

RM 2380 has been beautifully resprayed red and is ready for weddings and private hire.


March 1984 operated out of Chalk Farm (CF) garage and served on route 24.

RML 2380 was used on school route 518 for sunray travel on 20 May 2011 travelling from Banstead to Leatherhead

In March to June 2011 she was used operated on the Route 706 which ran from Knockholt Pound to Knockholt Station.

She ran the very last journey on Wednesday 1st June 2011

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